Staff Editorial: Remarks on errors made in last week’s issue

If you read the April 24, 2015 issue of The Lawrentian, you probably noticed mistakes in the paper’s editing and layout. Along with the usual suspects — a few misplaced commas and misspelled words — three truly unforgiveable errors were made: an article was printed twice, an event was covered inaccurately and an event was misrepresented.
These are mistakes that cannot, and should not, go ignored; they were certainly not ignored by The Lawrentian’s Editorial Board.
Danny Davis’s article “Feel good public relations stunts harm fraternities” was not published in last week’s paper; another article was published in its place. This did not give Davis the ability to articulate his thoughts about the idea being presented. The article can be found on page 11 of this week’s issue.
Regarding the event coverage, we would like to extend a sincere apology to the symphonic band and wind ensemble performers who put on a superb performance. Our reporting of the concert “Innovations” demonstrated a need to reevaluate the way we cover musical performances in the future. For more details, please take note of Justin Coyne’s letter to the editor, which can also be found on page 11.
Finally, we would like to apologize to the members of Women and Identity in Gaming Symposium (WIGS) who were incorrectly identified as “Women in Gaming Symposium.” Through this error, we misrepresented the goals of WIGS.
We are appreciative of the detail-oriented readership that last week’s issue clearly received. The Editorial Board is now considering improvements to our editing system in order to produce the most accurate newspaper possible.
Currently, The Lawrentian is looking for more writers and two additional copy editors. We encourage all readers with an interest in contributing to the paper to apply.