SAAC update

SAAC is the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Members from each of the Varsity sports teams serve as representatives for their teams. SAAC is an NCAA sponsored organization that serves to promote a link between the athletic administration and student-athletes. Every other week, SAAC meets to discuss events that connect LU Athletics to the community.Upcoming Events:
On April 22, SAAC is sponsoring an event for Appleton residents, inviting them to turn off their TVs and come play on the Lawrence campus! Activities will be held on Main Hall green and in the Recreation Center between four and six pm. Some of the activities planned include tug-of-war, kickball, capture the flag and other outdoor games. They are requesting that every sports team volunteer for this event. If you are not a member of a Varsity sport but are still interested in helping out, please contact Alison Blegen at
On May 17, SAAC is hosting the annual Special Olympics competition. Before the event, however, they will be holding an auction to help raise money. On May 7 at 10 p.m. in the Coffeehouse, one member from each of the Varsity sports will be auctioned off. All proceeds will go to the sponsorship of the Special Olympics day. Show up, buy a Vike, and donate to a great cause!