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Ryan Day editorial comment on the Olympic Games politicaliztion:
His subject is the Olympic Torch Procession. The question is posed: “Politics do not belong in Olympic games.” Ryan turns to the charter and reads that the Olympic “goals” include “promoting peaceful society” and “preservation of human dignity.” He writes, thinking, I suppose, that he has found the “smoking gun” proving his opinion. Oddly enough he states the goals are “a bit ambiguous” yet “fairly clear” — can they be both? — and that these phrases are now “agendas.” Today’s trendy word for unbridled conflict. He ends with a “resounding yes.” I wish to counter his fuzzy logic with my resounding “no!” These goals — er, agendas — he cites are not license for outrageous and threatening protests of an Olympic Torch Procession nor the games. The torch march symbolizes the games that it precedes, celebrating the ideals of young world athletes and the harmonious camaraderie of exiting competition. Who can deny that? Yet, Ryan says “Yes” — protest the Olympics, threaten the march, and, too, disrupt the events with protest. No. No. No.
Ted Beranis ’57