LUCC Update 5/25/15

Smoking on campus: Students are requested to be diligent and hold others accountable for the use of designated smoking huts, and avail services of J-Board to address violations of our no-smoking policy.

Bon Appetit Dishes: LUCC has adopted a resolution proposed by Student Welfare committee to end the provision of taking dishes out of the cafeteria due to rising costs of replacing dishes. The committee will work to find a more sustainable alternative next year.

SAASHA: The student alliance against sexual harassment and assault is now an official standing committee of LUCC. As a reminder, houses/hosts organizing registered parties next year must complete bystander intervention training prior to the party.

Student Observer on the Board of Trustees: Based on some student interest in requesting a student to be placed on the Board of Trustees, LUCC will be hosting a campus-wide online poll before the end of the term. Please provide your opinions once the poll is opened.

The slate of class representatives and committee chairs for 2015-16 has been finalized.

 Class of 2016: Amaan Khan, Anna Kosmach, Genna Matt, Manny Leyva / Cheyenne Van Dyke (Fall only) 

Class of 2017: Max Loebl / Michael Deremo (Fall only), Tatiyana Jenkins, Kyle Labak, Suzanne Hones / Natalie Ortega Wells (Fall only) 

Class of 2018: Harrison Barber, Jamil Fuller, Pragyan Sigdel, Rebecca Tapia 

Committee Chairs:

ACE – Elena Stabile & Jamie Nikitas

CCSE – Sarah Bonoff

CODA – Jaime Gonzalez

ERC – Daniel Wear

Res. Life – Malcolm Lunn-Craft

SAASHA – Hannah Shryer

Student Welfare – Elana Lambert


Abedin Rafique

Public Relations Secretary