Preparing for a concert at Lawrence University


By Laura Leppink

During a rehearsal for the upcoming Oct. 16 Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra concert and Oct. 17 Lawrence University Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band Concert, students shared what they are excited about and Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Andrew Mast talked about his experience so far with Wind Ensemble.


What groups do you conduct?

This year, I just conduct the Wind Ensemble.


What has been one the most difficult parts of the rehearsal cycle?

I would say two things: Getting ready for Kaleidoscope in such as short period of time on a very challenging piece for the McTee Circuits, which is very demanding rhythmically, articulation, and technically. Also the Holst because it’s such a standard piece. I have done it many times and have really dug into it deeply, it isn’t so much about the notes and rhythms as it is the overall idea. It is going really well but that has been a challenge in the best sense of the word.


What are you looking forward to the most this weekend for the concerts?

I think the overall effect is really cool, I am really looking forward to putting it all together on stage Saturday. I know when we get done with the last note of the Holst we will have that completion. It’s like a really good meal that has all the good ingredients and all the courses and the completion will be nice.


What should students listen for during the concert?

Be open to new things and new sounds, because both halves of the program there are sounds that may be a bit unusual and different. Composers have asked for different ways of playing or different ways of setting melodies. Be open minded to those kinds of sounds and be ready for really great playing by really great musicians.


What advice do you give your students before a concert?

Stay relaxed, stay focused, have fun and communicate with the audience


Anything else you would like to share with the rest of campus?

You don’t have to dress a certain way or act a certain way to enjoy a concert, its open to anybody. If there is a perception that you have to know a certain thing in order to enjoy a concert at Lawrence that is simply not true. So, come and enjoy the concert!


“Well, Orchestra is playing this really cool piece by Rimsky Korsakov, Russian Easter. I think people should listen to the trombones at the very end when it switches into a halftime feel have a very Russian bell sounding motif. Also the trumpets have a pentatonic lick that they have throughout the piece that switches keys that is very very cool, which I get to play very very loud.”

– Senior and Wind Ensemble-Symphony Orchestra member Mitchell Nelson

“Being in Wind Ensemble and Orchestra means I have a lot of playing time, but it will all end up in really great performances this weekend.”

– Super Senior and Ensemble-Symphony Orchestra member Morgen Moraine

“I am looking forward to the piece Symphonic Band plays with the left and right brass choir up in the balcony.”

– Senior and Symphonic Band member Emily Wendorff

“The concerts this weekend should be really great, Kaleidoscope gave a first look at all the hard work all the performers have been putting in for these first concerts.”

– Sophomore Dean Chen

“Both groups are really great, I enjoy all the music they play.”

– Sophomore, Audience member and Wind Ensemble member Jack Kilkelly-Schmidt