Love Column: Dilemmas – jbs -mts -cd

Erin Campbell Watson

Dear ECW,
I am thinking of dating Spencer Neitzel. Would this be a prudent social decision?
-Questionable Standards
Dear Questionable Standards,

Dear ECW,
I’ve heard from various sources that Travis Fondow has recently put the kibosh on his mildly successful “Where the Freshmen At?” campaign. Can I still hit that?
-Concerned Freshman
Dear Freshman,

Dear ECW,
My 21st birthday is Saturday, and I am thinking of making out with either one of the aforementioned gentlemen after several drinks at Wet and other favorite Appleton nightspots. What do you think?
-Almost 21
Dear Nora,
Stick with Wet. I’m sure there will be plenty of other eligible young bachelors in attendance and ready to purchase a Miller Lite for you, which might be more than you could expect from either Mr. Fondow or Mr. Neitzel, who are already clearly overwhelmed with young admirers.