From our kitchen to yours

Mac Watson

It Will Change Your Life (If You Like Tuna fish)Have you ever been stuck at Downer, unable to find anything that sparks your fancy? Did you just make a b-line for the turkey sandwich you always make, thinking maybe one of the four available condiments will make or break your sandwich? I was in the same position, when I realized that at a certain point, deli sandwiches do not offer any more exciting possibilities. That is, until you turn to tuna salad. Downer’s tuna salad is some of the best there is. This recipe may require a little walking, and will certainly demand some input from your personal panache, but it is the subject of many delicious Downer memories for me.

1 English Muffin (A-Line, by the toasters)
1 Slice of Cheese (B-Line)
Tuna Salad (B-Line, between the desserts and the drinks)
1 Tomato Slice (B Cafeteria)
A Tongs full of Onions (B Cafeteria)
Honey Mustard or Hot Sauce, if desired

Begin by fetching an English muffin from A-Line. It is imperative that you break the English muffin properly. Do not use a knife, or otherwise flavor and texture will be lost. Do not toast unless you like your tuna melt especially crispy on the outside. Grab a slice of cheese from B-Line, preferably cheddar (for its sharp flavor) or provolone (for its supreme melting qualities as a stretched cheese).
Leave the slice to the side until you fill the bottom of the English muffin with your desired amount of tuna salad. After the muffin is properly filled, head to B Cafeteria. This is where this sandwich requires some creativity. Unless you have a strong personal aversion to either, a slice of tomato (for juicyness) and an ample pinch of onions (for bite) are a must, but after that, the sky is the limit. Condiments and vegetables can be placed on at your heart’s content, and even help to fill out the sandwich before it is grilled.
Place your creation in the panini griller, and make sure it is turned to at least seven, for it is important the muffin is crispy and the cheese is melted. Remove with the provided spatulas after the cheese is very melted and the tuna is warm. After letting your friends admire your creation, enjoy your work and fill your stomach.