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SICHUAN PROVINCE, China — On Monday May 12 an earthquake that measure 7.9 on the Richter scale hit the Sichuan Province in Western China. By Wednesday May 14, the death toll had reached over 15,000 people. 20,000 soldiers have entered the region for relief efforts, with 30,000 more soldiers soon to be deployed.- New York Times Online

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination in a rally on Wednesday night. Hillary Clinton won the most recent race in West Virginia, but Edwards’ endorsement could help sway white-collar voters in the upcoming contest in Michigan.

– New York Times Online

CHICAGO, Illinois — The City Council repealed its two-year ban on the sale of foie gras, the duck liver delicacy. Foie gras has long presented an animal rights debate-ducks are kept in tiny cages and force fed up to four pounds of fat and grain through a metal tube forced down their throats. The vote to overturn the ban was the result of pressure from Chicago residents.

– Chicago Tribune Online