LUCC Update

James Duncan-Welke, LUCC President

General Council
General Council met Tuesday, May 6 at 11:10 a.m. in Riverview Lounge. The council debated the merit of offering Honor Council an honorarium. The council then heard a presentation from the Committee on Teaching Development soliciting information and opinions on the low response rate for end-of-term course evaluations.
Finance Committee approved allocations to College Democrats, and reallocations to Multicultural Affairs Committee, Lambda Sigma, and Conchordance.
Steering Committee approved group recognitions for Lawrence University Nerf Association and Viking Rocket Scientists, and re-recognitions for the Ariel and the Lawrentian. The committee will be participating in the new member selection processes for Judicial Board and Honor Council.Announcements
If you have thoughts on end-of-term course evaluations, contact the Committee for Teaching Development, c/o Prof. Tim Spurgin via e-mail at