What’s in your bag?

What are the three most important things in your backpack?

Senior Cora Williams: Let’s see, pocketknife, which I do use, ChapStick … can I look through my backpack?



Williams: Oh and this guy! My beast!


And why are these three the most important?

Williams: Well, ChapStick and the pocketknife are useful. I’m embarrassed by how often I put ChapStick on in a day. My pocketknife I use to sharpen my pencils, because I don’t like pencil sharpeners, and this little lion figurine has traveled the world with me and is kind of a good luck charm.


Do you carry these three things with you all the time?

Williams: Yeah, unless I don’t have my backpack, but sometimes if I don’t have my backpack, I will take the lion and put it in my pocket. And I have a second pocketknife that I will put in a pocket.


Do you have anything else you want to say about these objects?

Williams: I don’t like this particular ChapStick. It’s vanilla candy cane milkshake—vanilla on one side candy cane on the other. I only use the candy cane side, the vanilla is too sweet.