LUCC Executive Elections 2016 – Candidate Profile (Max Loebl)

To prepare our readers for the upcoming Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) executive elections, The Lawrentian has compiled candidate profiles. Members of the Lawrence community can learn more about these candidates at a debate hosted by The Lawrentian‘s Zach Ben-Amots and Amaan Khan on Monday, Jan. 18 at 8:15 p.m. in the Nathan Marsh Pusey room of the Warch Campus Center.


Presidential Candidate Max Loebl ’17

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisc.

Majors, minors and concentrations: I major in both Russian studies and government.

Extracurricular involvement: I presently work as an office manager in the Volunteer and Community Service Center, where I help students get involved in our community every day. I have also had the pleasure of helping form the Men Against Rape and Sexual assault (MARS) group on campus. I was recruited to play on the men’s varsity soccer team and have played for the past three years. I am also the vice president philanthropy for Sigma Phi Epsilon. I have volunteered with a number of different organizations, including Harbor House, Brewster Village, LARY Buddy and Riverview Gardens. Furthermore, I am a proud member of Lawrence International. Lastly, I interned with Mile of Music this past summer. Mile of Music is a local music festival which draws approximately 60,000 visitors.

Prior relevant experience: During my time at Lawrence, I have been dedicated to philanthropy. I have experience in LUCC affairs serving on the Judicial Board, which is responsible for adjudicating violations of the Social Code. I also serve on the Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource Education [SHARE] committee, in my role as a SHARE Advocate. Currently, I serve as a junior class representative on LUCC. I currently am part of Finance Committee and the Council on Community Service and Engagement.

Basic platform: As president of Lawrence University Community Council, I would continue to build on past successes. Furthermore, I would be fully committed to addressing pressing issues facing our Lawrence community. LUCC is an excellent medium to meet the various, unique problems our campus faces with diligence and expertise. As we move forward at Lawrence, it is important for us to remember that together, we can accomplish the most. We can be better, together.

What will you bring to the campus community? I have experience working for social change on campus. I have worked swiftly and diligently in the past on issues of campus safety and would continue to do so after taking office. I would also be able to work with Athletic & Conservatory Engagement (ACE) committee to increase collaboration and communication between Conservatory students and athletes. I worked with Dean of the Conservatory of Music Brian Pertl and his wife Leila Pertl as an intern for Mile of Music. Furthermore, I have experience with the sexual misconduct policy and would continue to strive to ensure all Lawrentians receive the assistance they need.

What works at Lawrence? SHARE, Volunteer and Community Service Center, International Student Services

What does not work at Lawrence? What needs improvement? Inclusivity, communication between organizations, the athletic experience, service learning

How would you address or amend these issues as president? I would work with campus leaders to ensure that all groups and communities within our larger Lawrence community are served. I can say from my own experience volunteering and service learning are phenomenal ways to empower the student body and enrich the relationship between Lawrence University and the Appleton area. Furthermore, it is imperative to recognize that there are students that do not feel safe on this campus and address anyone and everyone’s concerns about personal safety. I would accomplish this by working in conjunction with organizations of diversity on campus. Together with campus leaders, we can ensure everyone feels included and safe. I would make it a mission to work on improving the relationship between athletics and the conservatory by cultivating a culture of fellowship. ACE has played a key role in doing so in the past and I hope to build on past successes. I plan to create this culture shift by working directly with the new athletic director, Christyn Abaray, and Dean of the Conservatory of Music Brian Pertl.

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