What’s on your iPod? Steph Courtney ’14

Steph Courtney

1. AA Bondy, “Vice Rag”

I’ve been listening to this album a lot recently, and this song just sticks our for having a great opening lick and later harmonies. It’s really catchy and also about hard drugs.

2. The Avett Brothers, “And It Spread”

This is also a really catchy song, and this album is part of the same recent phase as the last, but it’s even more catchy. It’s a fun album, altogether.

3. Beastie Boys, “The New Style”

This is an entirely different realm — this song was on a mix CD from my best friend in 10th grade, and it led me to get and never listen to most of their discography. But it’s a great song, and I still listen and rap along.

4. The Black Keys, “Just a Little Heat”

This is what I consider to be the hands-down most sensual song in my music library. “Magic Potion” is their most raw album and this is among the first six songs I got of theirs five years ago and it still sticks out and I’m in love with it.

5. Fleet Foxes, “Sim Sala Bim”

This song is a wonderful mix of complete beauty and power. Every transition and new section is just perfect, and that’s why I’ve been occasionally working on transposing it for my own purposes.

6. John Legend ft. Kanye West, “Number One”

I’ll be honest, much of this song’s appeal is in its ridiculous lyrics — but it’s also the catchiest ever.

7. Portugal. The Man, “American Ghetto”

I don’t know this song or album very well yet, but I love lots of their other music, and this song is really interesting and promising, so I’ve been listening when I occasionally think of it.

8. Third Eye Blind, “Narcolepsy”

This is my oldest respected band and I mostly started liking this song because it was fun to play and I felt cool having to change my tuning to do so. But it’s also a really good song.

9. Streetlight Manifesto, “A Better Place, A Better Time”

I don’t have very many specific song preferences within Streetlight, but this one does stick out as sounding extra awesome and having great and interesting lyrics. I love listening to it at any time, in any mood or situation.

10. tUnE-yArDs , “Jumping Jack”

Begins with bumpin’ beats, continues with robust vocals and ends with being an awesome song. I spent a lot of my summer driving belting it out. It’s just really good, and dynamic, and keeps your interest no matter what.