World News

Compiled by Nathan Whiteman
Feb. 26, 2016

CUBA: President Barack Obama made the first visit to Cuba by an American president since the Coolidge administration. He plans to meet with government officials as well as political dissidents.


PUERTO RICO: Puerto Rico is placing a price cap on condoms to avoid price gouging during the ongoing Zika epidemic.


ISRAEL: Iranian poet Payam Feilli is seeking asylum in Isreal due to Iran’s persecution of homosexuals. Feilli is currently residing in Tel Aviv, a city he previously visited in 2014 to see a novella he created put on as a play.

ISLAMIC STATE: Twitter has been suspending accounts supporting the Islamic State (IS). Researchers have been surprised to discover that repeatedly banning accounts created by the same people has significantly reduced pro-IS propaganda spread throughout the website.


BRAZIL: Peruvian geoscientist Andres Ruzo has discovered a “boiling river” in the Amazon Rainforest that was previously believed to be a myth. The river has been measured at 86 degrees Celsius and is fed by water warmed heat from fault lines. Locals have long known about the river and use it in cooking and brewing tea.