BREAKING: Freshmen and juniors elect representatives in special vote

BREAKING NEWS: Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) has announced the results of the recently concluded special representative elections.

Freshmen Umer Amer and Kazuma Noguchi were elected by their class to serve on LUCC. Meanwhile, the junior class chose Andres Capous and former LUCC Parliamentarian Adam McDonald as its representatives on the council. These individuals will only serve for Spring Term before a fresh slate is elected for the 2016-17 cycle.

Both freshmen elects are excited for the experience ahead and grateful for the opportunity. Amer looks forward to “creat[ing] a more inclusive campus” with high engagement in campus-wide activities and to “spread[ing] love and respect among everyone.”

Noguchi brings a different agenda to the table. “[I] hope to voice the concerns of every division of the freshman class,” he commented. “There is a significant disconnect between the many groups at Lawrence, and I would like to do my part in bridging that gap.”

Following the transition of LUCC’s cabinet, four representative slots opened up. In particular, Junior Class Representative Kyle Labak and Freshman Class Representatives Madison Gardner and Emma Liu were appointed to the cabinet. Junior and LUCC President Max Loebl also served as a representative until assuming his current office.

To fill these vacant spots, LUCC held a special election on Tuesday, March 8. In total, 136 freshmen and 126 juniors voted to elect their class representatives, respectively. “The number of candidates was much higher than expected, as was voter turnout,” reflected Loebl.

The election was followed by a three-day period for candidates to contest the results. Given that the current outcome has not been contested, these results await approval from the LUCC General Council at its next meeting in Spring Term.