Letter to the Editor: Clee McCracken

To the Editor,


Today, I am thinking about time, specifically time wasted thinking about rapists at Lawrence University the administration did nothing to stop.  This morning, I wasted three hours. For three hours, I paced my apartment thinking about a residence life advisor my freshman year who sexually harassed me and assaulted my friends, only to return after a short suspension and a term abroad.

Why was he allowed to come back? Was it because he could pay tuition without scholarships? Was it because Vice President for Student Affairs Nancy Truesdell did not believe me when I told her I watched him take advantage of my friends when they were too drunk to stand upright?

When the campus community reacted with outrage at a rapist’s return to campus, did she remember my case?

I wish I could say that I am done wasting my time on this issue, but as long our outrage falls on deaf ears, I guess I will be.

Finally, I have a proposal: since our time and outrage have done little to effect change in Lawrence University’s policy, let us try voting with our dollar. I encourage anyone who is fed up with inaction to withhold donations until there is a mandatory expulsion policy for rapists.

Tweet @lawrenceuni every time you spend a dollar you would have otherwise donated. Today, I bought a clock to keep track of how many hours I have wasted thinking about rapists at Lawrence–$10.


— Clee McCracken, class of 2015