Lawrence Golf Team Prepares for season

Lawrence has a rich history of athletics. Lawrentians of years gone by were members of sports teams that still exist today. This athletic tradition is worthy of mention.

This year, one such team’s history is to be cut short. After this season, Lawrence’s golf team will no longer be recognized as a varsity sport at Lawrence. As with all of Lawrence’s teams, the golf team’s endeavors have been chronicled through the years by The Lawrentian. This documentation speaks of victories and defeats, of seasons gone by, and of plans for seasons to come.

Did the members of Lawrence’s 1966 golf team think that in 50 years, their team might no longer exist?

This year’s golf team will consist of three returning regulars and a number of promising newcomers. Tom Hedin will return as number one man after finishing sixth in the conference last season.
Number three man, Larry New­man, who was undefeated in dual matches, and senior Gus Murphy, who performed well in the fifth and sixth slots will also be back. Coach Bernie Heselton is counting on veteran Ralph Hartley, who didn’t go out last year.

Sophomore John Schulenburg has a good chance to be the third or fourth man. Hugh Denison. John Schade, Bob Boeing and Shaun Donnelly will also be vying for the top spots.

Asked about this season’s prospects, Coach Heselton replied, “We might not do as well during the regular season [the Vikes were 8-0 in dual matches last year], but we hope to find a good number four and five men by the conference meet. We’re real good at the one, two and three men and should have a real battle for number four or five.”

Heselton also pointed out that last year’s squad amassed one of the best dual match records in recent years but ‘‘went to pieces in the conference’’ and finished a disappointing ninth, lowest in Lawrence golf history.

Despite the losses of Harley Holt, Bob Kadorauch and especially Eric Schulenburg to graduation, Heselton expressed hope
that the Vikes would come
through in the traditional style of
Lawrence golf. Lawrence is third
in the conference in the number
of golf championships won and has consistently placed near the top.

Grinnell, defending champion, and Knox, a consistent contender, should be tough again this sea­son. In conclusion, Heselton noted that a lot depends on the weather. In this respect the southern schools like Grinnell and Knox have a big advantage by practicing outside while the Vikings are still working out in the indoor cage. The linksmen open with a triangular meet April 15 at Ripon.