Ramble on the roof

Torrin Thatcher

There’s nothing like scheduling the Pro Bowl for a Sunday night to make you not want to watch it at all. A friend texted me to see if I was at least going to watch Aaron Rodgers in the game, but I had more important things to do, like read about Ajax killing himself with Hector’s sword.
Who knew that a character killing himself after killing and torturing “others” could be so appealing? Don’t tell my future dog this, but I think I am going to name him after a character in this tragedy. I am not going to let it slip out though as I like to keep his name for my ears only.
As I was reading, I did keep an eye on the box score, and I was happy to see that our favorite Green Bay quarterback – sorry, Matt – played well. It should be no surprise that the game had over 1,000 yards of offense between the two teams, and that it took no one watching the game any time at all to realize how pointless it is.
I follow Clay Matthews on Twitter, and he said that he had a great week in Miami hanging out with a bunch of guys and that he hopes to return for years to come. There is the problem – it will not be in Miami next year, or the year after that. Even though it’s probably nice to play a meaningless game, I think the game would only be fun to watch if I were there in person.
The reported attendance was a good number for the Pro Bowl. If the Pro Bowl was near here, I wouldn’t mind going. Just like when Miller Park hosted the MLB gathering of good players – I use “good” because every team has to be represented, so it’s not purely the best players – I would have tried to go. I would have taken my friend’s tickets, but he and his dad are the type of people who go to the game and leave in the seventh. Oh well, at least I do not have to worry about watching underperforming NBA players participating in the All-Star game.
I would like to thank our school’s Internet service provider again for allowing me to have ESPN360. With an exam last Wednesday, I couldn’t sit in front of the television watching the Wisconsin hoopsters battle Michigan State, so I decided to watch it on my computer instead.
At least my desk had a spot for my study material, unlike my trusty, dependable couch. I put the game on on my computer, listened to Musburger and Lavin call the game, and enjoyed very much the outcome.
Too bad Kalin Lucas rolled his ankle, though. A lot of the reports of the game led off with the mentioned of his ankle roll, and it seemed to take away from just how awesomely the Badgers played.
Oddly enough, we were actually favored in the game even though the Spartans were undefeated in conference. The Badgers play so well at what Lavin calls the “Kohl Arena” that it is a mistake to expect defeat, even against a Duke or a Michigan State.
The best parts of Badger games – not including the very thorough and diligent work of a certain Eric Andrews – are the Badgers’ status as a good-looking group of guys play the game hard and the post-game interviews with William Francis Ryan, everyone’s favorite head coach.
Too often, we see players and coaches give programmed responses when asked a question, so it’s actually nice to see a coach speak freely about how the team is looking and how certain guys are performing.
It’s especially refreshing to see a coach tell it like it is after having to listen to Mike McCarthy babble at the podium for an entire season.
Other than that, not much is going to happen before I talk to you next. I’m going to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday and hopefully I’ll be able to dabble in the great week of college hoops coming up, starting Monday with Nova at West Virginia and Kansas at Texas.