Athletes of the week

Alyssa Onan

Rebecca Hamlyn:Swimming & Diving

What are the individual and team goals for the conference meet coming up next week?
I’m excited to see how the team will compete at conference next week. I’m expecting some fast swims from a few teammates in particular. I know we will have a strong presence at finals – which occur at night – and I think we could have a couple conference champions by the end of the weekend. Personally, I’ve always desired to put my name on the record board, but I’d be more than happy with a best time.
What is your favorite event?
Hmm … I’d have to say the 100-meter butterfly, because it is the perfect distance for the stroke. I consider it a sprint, but at the end, you’re dead.
What is your pre-race routine?
Ask most swimmers, and you’ll find that they are pretty obsessive-compulsive about pre-race routines. I don’t do anything particularly interesting, but I always have to warm up at least two or three miles before every race, and behind the blocks, I tend to jump around a bit. I have some teammates who prefer jumping jacks – ahem, Kelsey – or splashing themselves with water to get pumped up.
What’s your favorite memory from the season so far?
I feel that the team as a whole has grown closer since last year, and we all enjoyed the training trip to Florida – especially napping and snoring on the beach in between practices. However, the night before my 21st, during the two grueling weeks of training on campus in December, we all decided to go sledding down Union Hill in trash bags. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a while – particularly when I was sent down the hill first without noticing the nice-sized ramp some townies had built, until I was already airborne. I am also eternally grateful to Skylar Kogelschatz.
Do you have a pre-meet meal?
Not particularly, but take a look at any swimmer’s plates during the season and you’ll find a new meaning to the term “carbo-loading.” Many were sad to find that with the new campus center, we could not pile up trays anymore.

Erik Borresen:

Men’s Basketball

What is your favorite part about being a member of the LU men’s basketball team?
Everything. I love every one of those guys. It’s really amazing how close you become over the course of a season.
What has been the biggest change between this season and last season and how has the team overcome that change?
Last year we had 17 guys, this year we have 13. Our bench is not as deep as it was last year, so we’ve had to build up our stamina. Guys have had to get used to playing 30 to 35 minutes a game on a weekend with back to back games, which can be very hard.
What has been your biggest accomplishment this season?
My first 15-rebound game. Rebounds are so crucial to our offense. If we don’t get them, it’s hard to transition the way we want to.
What is your favorite offensive move and why?
The drop-step dunk. I’ve had one this year, but none at home. I’d love to get another one soon though.
Would you rather take a charge or block a shot?
Block a shot. The refs would laugh at me if I tried to take a charge.