Internship profile

Sophia Chung

The minute hand nears the halfway mark as I rush from lunch hosting, heading towards the Landis Peabody Building. Time seems to slow down just enough as I step into the warm office building. I walk to my office and let my laptop boot up, settling in for another day as an Alumni Development Intern.
Taking out my trusty Moleskine notebook, I take note of my tasks for today – design materials for the Andrew Commons donors, fliers for Lawrence alumni reunions, creative work for fund-raising – and promptly open up Photoshop. Coffee fetching and filing have yet to be on my list, though I wouldn’t really mind.
The familiar program brightens up the screen in front of me and I open up a blank document, soon to be a reunion flyer. After a few hours, emails are sent, and I cross off “reunion flyer” with satisfaction.
Next, a new file is brought up. This time, I’m working on designing a cookbook as a thank-you gift to the donors of Andrew Commons. As a student who often eats there, the gratitude is definitely personal.
Because I am involved in professional design work during my internship, I am now considering design freelancing in the future.
Perhaps one of the most striking impressions, though, has
come from the human connection
I have gained through my
internship. While I do mean networking
with staff, the bigger
gain is my connection to past
As I scan pictures from
decades past, I notice that while
the faces may seem slightly different
and, in some cases, not
even in color, they are also similar
to the faces I see today. The
pictures depict people doing the
same things that we do here
at Lawrence, and in the same
places. This campus is a united
one, which is something I have
learned through my internship.
I am happy to be a part of a
team that vows to bring “More
Light” to current and future
Lawrentians to come.