Athlete of the Week: Meg Krautsch (Softball)

Photo by Emei Thompson

This week I caught up with sophomore Meg Krautsch, shortstop on the Lawrence Softball team. Krautsch has been swinging a hot bat for the team this season, posting a .625 average for the week of April 4-10, as well as being recently being named the Midwest Conference Player of the Week.

Gabe Chapman: You’ve been all over the stat sheet this year and have multiple conference awards to your name. What’s been the key to your success?

Meg Krautsch: I would say my key to success has been putting in the time and work to achieve the best results that I am capable of. It also helps that I have a team with a very big goal and that is to move into the conference tournament. Its been great knowing that our small team works very hard to win games and overcome our differences for the love of the game.

GC: How have you worked to achieve success at the plate?

MK: I have spent a lot of time in the off season hitting off a tee and working out, which has really helped me focus on my swing and getting stronger.

GC: How long have you been playing shortstop?

MK: I have been playing shortstop for probably over 10 years now. I have switched playing between catcher, shortstop and center field most of my life but shortstop is my favorite position.

GC: Who does everyone look to for leadership on the team?

MK: I think the majority of the team looks up to the seniors. If we have questions we tend to ask the seniors because they have been around the longest and they know what they are talking about.

GC: What are you working to improve upon this season?

MK: I would say I am always trying to improve myself at the plate and at shortstop. If I am having an off day at the plate, I will focus on just on defense then. I am always looking for ways to improve myself in the game so that I can help the team achieve our goals of winning and moving on to the conference tournament.

GC: How do you feel about the position the team is in? Are you guys feeling a run at conference?

MK: I think the team is pretty confident about a run for the conference tournament. There have been a few position changes and I think the team is working really well with those. If we all hit and execute plays I think we have just as good as a chance at the tournament as anyone else in the conference.