Sports trivia

Greg Peterson

What baseball team has lost the World Series the most times since 1903?
The New York Yankees. The Yankees’ 27 Series titles are more than double the second-place St. Louis Cardinals’ 10, but their 13 losses also rank top among all teams. The Yanks’ 40 appearances far outstrip the 18 by the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers. In terms of winning percentage among teams with at least seven appearances, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 5-2 record is best, while the Chicago Cubs are in last with a 2-8 record built mostly in the 1920s and ’30s.
Joel Branstrom, a biology teacher at Kansas’s Olathe Northwest High School, recently became a YouTube phenomenon for accomplishing what feat?
Hitting a half-court shot, blindfolded. Branstrom, who also coaches the school’s girls’ basketball team and walked on to the University of Kansas basketball team in his college days, ruined his students’ pep-rally prank by making the impossible shot. The students had planned to tell him – falsely – that he’d won tickets to the Final Four and to cheer as if he’d made the shot; when Branstrom actually hit the shot, an anonymous donor bought him the tickets.
After the United States, what country has been the birthplace of the most champions of the World Series of Poker’s Main Event?
Iran. Mansour Matloubi became the first non-American to win the event when he spiked a third 10 against Hans Lund’s aces up in 1990, while his countryman Hamid Dastmalchi notched Iran’s second win when he won the Main Event just two years later. The only other country with two titles is China, the birthplace of two-time champion Johnny Chan, who moved to America at age 11.