Letter to the Editor: Morgan Edwards-Fligner

To the Editor,


I’d like to address The Lawrentian’s editorial from this past issue. Although I agree with some of the opinions discussed, others seemed to be poorly informed. I agree that the initial rejection of the Anchor Loft application seemed unjustified, and that this year’s process should have been more transparent. With regards to Gay Lesbian or Whatever (GLOW), Greenfire and Sinfonia, I also value our campus’s music scene and safe spaces. However, Greenfire and Sinfonia will still be able to host events in the lofts, although I too wish Sabin House and 221 N. Union St. were not going to be converted to administrative space. GLOW did not reapply for a house because the group felt that their current dynamics would not contribute to the safe space they would want the house to be, according to GLOW president and freshman Jasper Olsen.


What really bothered me, though, was the extensive and unfair critique of Swing Dance House. Contrary to the editorial’s assertions, club events do primarily take place in the house basement, including three weeknight lessons and most Friday dances. Other groups, including Cabaret and Melee, frequently use the space as well. In addition, I am not sure why the editorial board feels they can call Swing an “email list house” as I don’t believe that any editorial board members were involved in selecting the house roster. As with other houses, this is a carefully considered process based on applicant interest in club activities. However, the editorial board is correct in mentioning the value of Swing as a substance-free space. Even as a resident who does drink, I appreciate Swing’s sponsorship of substance-free events. This community might be very different from others on the quad, but I believe that difference is necessary and promotes inclusivity, rather than preventing it.


Ultimately, please be careful when laying blame for an outcome you do not like; there were multiple factors that informed this year’s housing decisions. I understand that an editorial is subjective, but I still expect that the opinions would be both better-informed and more respectfully expressed.


Morgan Edwards-Fligner ‘17

Swing Dance House