Athletes of the Week

Alyssa Onan

(Photo courtesy of Paul WIlke)

Cathy Kaye: Basketball

Hometown: Sturgeon Bay, Wisc.

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

1) How has this season been different from other seasons? What are some of the team’s biggest successes? How is the team planning to improve over the rest of the season?

This season has been different than years past, mostly in team atmosphere. Granted we’re a young team, but our sophomores and freshmen have stepped up and have been contributing players. This helped us get our first win against Knox during break.

2) Favorite memories from the training trip to Florida?

This year, Florida was just all around fun, but the memories that stand out most are probably swimming in the Gulf, bread wars, the song “Son of a Gun,” and getting re-hydrated.

3) How have the new members on the team contributed?

For the new members, who are mostly freshmen, it can sometimes be hard to contribute because in most programs as freshmen, because your playing time is little-to-none. However, all of our freshmen have contributed and found their place on the team, whether that is with solid rebounds, acting as a scoring threat, or an excellent point-guard.

4) Do you have a pre-game routine? Any songs you need to listen to or something you can’t go without doing?

I really don’t have any set routine. I guess the only thing that is the same for me every game is where I stand for the National Anthem — I stand behind Beth and squeeze her hand to go along with the anthem and in front of Sam.

5) Favorite college or pro basketball team? Why?

You would think I’d have a favorite team, considering how much I love playing basketball, but I don’t. I’ll get into college basketball for March Madness, but strangely enough, I’m not a dedicated fan.

Taylor Winter: Swimming

Year: Freshman

Major: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Bayside, Wisc.

1) What has been the biggest difference for you from high school to college swimming?

The biggest adjustment from high school to college swimming has been the increased time commitment. Balancing nine practices, two dry lands and two weight lifting sessions a week is challenging. Last weekend, we competed in the University of Chicago Invitational. It was a long but successful weekend. On Saturday alone, we spent 12 hours at the pool.

2) What are your personal goals for the rest of the season and the upcoming conference meet? How will you accomplish them?

My main goals are to help the team improve at our conference meet, break school record relay times, and set personal best times. I would love to make the NCAA D3 National meet. To accomplish these goals, I continually strive in and out of the pool. I put in 100 percent effort at each practice, while working hard during dry land and lifting. I also need to stay on top of schoolwork and get lots of sleep!

3) What has been your favorite part of being a member of the LU swim team so far? Why?

My favorite part of being a member of the LU swim team is the incredible bond that the team has. It has been fun to travel to away meets and our training trip to Florida. I have made great friends and love the connection I have with the team and coaches. As one of three freshmen this year, I feel everyone has welcomed me. In addition, it means a lot to me to have teammates cheering me on in my events. I love the team cheers and huddles before every meet and team dinners after practices.

4) What is your favorite event? Why? Least favorite? Why?

My favorite event is the 1,650-freestyle because I love swimming distance. Sixty-six lengths may seem like a lot, but once I get into a groove, the race goes by quickly. Distance requires stamina and the right mindset. My least favorite event is breaststroke. I don’t enjoy the slower tempo, nor have I figured out the underwater pullout or how to correctly coordinate my arms and legs.

6) If you could train with any Olympic or other famous swimmer, who would it be and why?

If I could train with any Olympic swimmer, I’d choose Missy Franklin. She is 16 years old, and the favorite to win gold in London this summer. In interviews, she always has a positive attitude and a big smile, and is passionate about swimming just like me.

(Photo courtesy of Paul WIlke)