The World Music Created: “MNSTR”

A continuation of “MNSTR”.

100 Years Later…

Andrew has witnessed too many lifetimes, but this by far was his favorite because he’d helped build it. He remembered its beginning quite clearly. The start of the end went like this:

Bones and his crew go into the hospital first, eliminate the major threat, and ghost Andrew in. The sun’s heat penetrates through Andrew’s robe, but his legs are steady when they burst through the door on Bones’ command.

The emergency alarm is blaring and the colors dance off the walls when Andrew rids himself of the dark garment. He’s running full speed now, nothing holding him back, finding the Laboratory his only goal in mind. Then there’s the cold thud of a body hitting the ground, pushing through Andrew’s focus and stopping him in his tracks. A look to his left shows him Bones falling to his knees, trails of red falling from his back. His eyes are wide in shock, disbelief, then they’re closed and he’s falling backwards. One of Bones’ crew steps forward from his front, mask pulled down to reveal his identity.

Andrew’s suddenly aware that he’s speaking, screaming above the sound of the alarms. Andy finally looks over at him. Andrew deciphers the message in his eyes. This is where their paths will diverge. Andrew nods then continues his run through the hospital, somehow more driven and determined.

Even in the emergency lights’ discoloration, the compound glitters emerald in the glass vials. Andrew wastes no time destroying shelf after shelf, his undead body not harmed by the foul liquid. By this time he finishes, night has fallen, and Bones and the Runaways are long gone. Andrew finds the bag where Bones said it would be and puts in what boxes he hadn’t destroyed. He races through the hospital and leaps through an open window leading to an alley. He bounces hard off the wall, but makes the landing, blending into the shadows as if he was made to do so. The bag is dropped off at the safety point, and gone when Andrew passes it the next night.

Days later, Bones rises from the grave like someone like him should, and the Runaways make a mess out of The Raven’s empire. While the Runaways revolutionize, and eventually die, Bones finds Andrew. They never find out which of the Raven’s men had shot Bones, but together, they make sure the human race will prosper again.