World News

Compiled Eleanor Legault

President Juan Manuel Santos is seeking a dialogue with those who opposed the peace agreement with the FARC rebel group. Ex-president Uribe was the most prominent dissenter of the peace agreement and is expected to meet with leading diplomats to renegotiate terms of the deal this upcoming Tuesday.

Taliban forces briefly captured the city of Kunduz in September. However, government forces recently recaptured the city with major losses on the Taliban side.

Ireland has called an all-island forum to discuss the challenges for Ireland in the wake of the June referendum, colloquially referred to as “Brexit.” The government says the primary focus of the forum will be the Irish economy and trade with the U.K., as well as the peace process with Northern Ireland and the Common Travel Area between Ireland and the UK.

Pope Francis paid a surprise visit to Amatrice, a central Italian town devastated by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake that killed nearly 300 people.

Russia has sent an S-300 air defense system to their naval base in Tartus. It is “purely a defensive system and poses no threat to anyone,” Major General Konashenkov said. This news comes a day after the U.S. suspended talks with Russia, due to coordinated air strikes with rebel forces.