What’s On Your iPod? Rachel Calvert ’14

Rachel Calvert

1. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, “Natural Born Lover”

Sharon Jones is a tiny lady with a big, big voice. If this soulful ode to natural born lovers who take care of business doesn’t put a shimmer in your shoulders and a strut in your step, then you’ve got serious problems. I’ve been digging this one a lot lately.

2. The Smashing Pumpkins, “Soma”

I like to think of this song as a really stressed out person who goes from tired to sad to panic attack to fetal position within six minutes. This is one of those songs that I might play ten times in a row just so I can catch everything that’s going on.

3. Das Racist, “Luv It Mayne

I can’t get enough of it, mayne. Das Racist is one of the dopest hip-hop groups out there. They are witty and ridiculous and danceable and thinkable. YouTube these mothertruckers if you haven’t heard about them. Be prepared for major shenanigans.

4. MGMT, “Metanoia

Sometimes, a girl needs a psychedelic soundtrack while journeying to a purely emotional plane. Or maybe I just have a huge crush on Andrew VanWyngarden. Whatever the case, my ears are always happy when this collection of sounds gets shuttled through them.

5. The Doors, “Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)”

Jim Morrison, my favorite 20th century libertine, sure can growl over rock organ. This song is just desperate, sweaty, sexy and a little goofy.

6. Superlito, “Perro Come Perro

This is the song I dance to in my pajamas when I’m alone to. Pretty sure iTunes offered this song for free, and boy am I glad I snatched it up.

7. Janelle Monae, “Violet Stars Happy Hunting”

Monae’s “Cyber Afrofuturistic” albums have some of the best music to come out in the last few years. Whether you shake your booty to her tunes, or analyze them for your gender studies class, you’ll come away with some major respect for Monae’s talents. This song is particularly groovalicious, and I listen to it at an obsessive level.