Seniority Report: To Do: Today

Do you occasionally find yourself staring distantly out the window for minutes at a time? Is the constant struggle of pretending that you really are a morning person in your 8 a.m. lab getting to you?

You need a break; a break from playing this game of who has more meetings at attend, exams to study for, or problem sets to avoid. With so much chatter about these competing to-do lists, everyone seemingly vying to win the blue ribbon in the Stress Olympics, it gets a little, well, tiresome.

Cut yourself some slack. Maybe you haven’t studied yet for your midterm tomorrow. There’s still time. Rather than compulsively refreshing your inbox when you’re spread too thin, here is a comprehensive list of ways to constructively take a breather:

• Take a sudden, but vital, interest in that girl who sat next to you in English class in high school and her recently uploaded vacation album.

• Create a vibrantly-colored to-do list, complete with a list of things to this week, today, and within the next 45 minutes because shoot, that essay won’t write itself.

• Recharge your computer battery a record four times in one day while binge-watching a television show you are still on the fence about. Thanks, autoplay.

• Outline a cost-benefit analysis on the total amount of drinks necessary to consume at the VR by the end of the year in order to cover the cost of a personalized glass.

• Research careers in your field of study with the highest earning potential and realize that there is just no way.

• Put together a dizzying array of Spotify playlists for any occasion, including that one pun party you always wanted to have.

• Contemplate, as you hit snooze, the workout you would theoretically do if you actually woke up at 7a.m.