“Inside Out” Weekend reinforces Diversity Center support system

Students and Diversity Center faculty show off their T-shirts during the “Inside Out” event.
Photo by Luke Payne

College students often undergo many emotional ups and downs throughout the academic year. If a student who is struggling wishes to find a strong support system at Lawrence, the Diversity Center is one of several places on campus with its arms wide open. Chris Vue, the Diversity Center coordinator, organized an event centered on the recent film “Inside Out” to show Lawrence students just how strong of a support system the Diversity Center can be. The event was held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 8.

To kick off the event, anyone who came settled down for a viewing of “Inside Out” at 11 a.m. Afterward, students had the opportunity to receive free T-shirts and take part in numerous activities, including a do-it-yourself Chex Mix bar, a postcard-writing station and a photo booth with props.

Junior Yeeleng Yang, a training coordinator in the Diversity Center, explained, “These informal events are much needed. They do a great job of enabling discussions on important topics and issues.” Yang appreciated the Diversity Center’s eagerness to make students feel comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. “I think the Diversity Center picked ‘Inside Out’ because it highlights the feelings that students, particularly freshmen, might experience when faced with a transition to an unfamiliar place,” said Yang.

With the relocation of the Diversity Center to the main floor of Memorial Hall just this year, the chances of students discovering its presence are much greater. Hosting events such as this will also draw in more students.

“I think the point of this program was to help students realize that there are many support systems like the Diversity Center that can be really useful when they are going through difficult times or struggling to cope with personal endeavors,” explained Yang. By hosting this event, the Diversity Center not only hoped to provide students with something fun to do over the weekend, but also to further secure their role in Lawrence’s future.

The Diversity Center cares about its students like Riley’s parents cared about her in “Inside Out.” No matter what students are going through, the close-knit community of the Diversity Center is always there to offer a support system—or just a great place to chill with friends.