Freshman Sportlight: Joe Kortenhof (Cross Country)

Photo by Emei Thompson

Each week I have the pleasure of sitting down with a freshman athletic standout. This week, I sat down with Joe Kortenhof. Joe has been consistently placing in each of his collegiate races as a member of the Cross Country team. Joe looks forward to his next two seasons as a member of the track and field team, and is hoping that his passion for this sport can translate into a conference title.

Arianna Cohen: Where are you from? What drew you to Lawrence?

Joe Kortenhof: I am from Portland Oregon. Lawrence is a family school. I am 30th member of my family to attend. It’s also just a beautiful campus and school.

AC: How old were you when you started running?

JK: I was a freshman in high school, I believe 13?

AC: How different does competing at Lawrence feel from competing at the high-school level?

JK: For me it’s very similar. I was part of a very competitive high school team and that has transitioned well for my collegiate team.

AC: How have your teammates helped you with your transition into the life of a collegiate student-athlete?

JK: It has really helped having my older brother [Teddy] on the team. But everyone is always really friendly and very welcoming.

AC: Are you planning on doing track and field this year? What do you hope to bring from your cross country training into the track and field season?

JK: Yes I am. I want to bring my passion to win into the Track and Field season. Our team currently is trying to get first in conference for cross country.

AC: What is your favorite memory so far this season?

JK: I guess I don’t have one specific memory, but I love long runs with the team.