The World Music Created: “White Noise”

A series of short fiction pieces continuing the stories told in concept albums. This week’s article is a continuation of last week’s article inspired by Pvris’ music video, “White Noise.”

She’d spent this last year as a ghost.
Roaming desolate halls.
She’d spent this last year as a ghost.
Haunting echoing walls.
She didn’t know how to be human anymore.
For the longest time, there was the spark of something in her chest, a sense of regret. The static screens of TVs she can no longer see beckoned to her. She had a message, but she couldn’t remember the words to get it across. When she finally closed her eyes, an image appeared: blue eyes, brown hair. Something lost.

She’d spent the last year as a ghost, and she forgot how it felt to be flesh and bone. Roaming desolate halls, searching for souls as austere as her own. She fell into the darkness and let it consume all that she’d known.

She’d spent the last year as a ghost. She forgot those who had once been close.
She let go.


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