Symposium allows students to explore career and major options

Senior Monica Paniagua Montoya talks about her research to interested students at the symposium.
Photo by Luke Payne

Lawrence University’s first annual Major, Intern and Research Symposium took place on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Warch Campus Center. Sponsored by Career Services, the Dean of Students Office and the Student Research Committee, the event provided students with an opportunity to explore their academic interests through casual, informative conversation with other Lawrence students.

Some students walked through the maze of poster boards that displayed a variety of student research projects, while others crowded around tables to talk to students already pursuing certain degrees. Sophomore Anna Kim, who helped host the neuroscience table, commented, “I think the students were able to get more information about their potential majors.”

Kim shared information about her summer internship at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and offered advice to students who may be interested in applying for an internship.

Sophomore Jasper Farin, who declared his English and Russian double major during the event, commented, “I think talking to the English table was helpful because I got some more information about potential careers for English majors.”

Being able to discuss his major with students and a professor from the English and Russian departments respectively enhanced Farin’s confidence in his decision. “If I had been a freshman attending the event,” he added, “I think it would have given more clarity to my decision. It would have given me a sense of direction.”

Assistant Director of Career Services Taylor Kinn helped organize the whole event. “I think overall it was a way for students to explore whatever it was they were looking to explore, whether that was exploration of majors and minors or exploration of how they can connect internship and research to their majors and minors.”

Kinn was happy with the results of the event: by the end, 50 students in total declared their major. “I think one of the most important parts is that students can hear from other students,” Kinn continued. “I think it’s really great when students can learn from their peers’ experiences. They are more likely to be excited about their majors, their potential future internships and their opportunities for research.”