Amos Egleston Trio premieres at the VR

Last Friday, Oct. 21, the Amos Egleston Trio debuted at the Viking Room from 10 p.m. to midnight. The trio includes Amos Egleston, trumpet; Clay Knoll, bass and Daniel Green, percussion. All three members of the group are freshmen, and the group plays primarily jazz. Posters were distributed around campus to advertise the trio’s premiere.

The Amos Egleston Trio functioned smoothly as each member took turns showcasing their skills after each refrain was laid out. Though Egleston carried the tune on trumpet, he would often step back to let Knoll or Green have their chance to show off as well. The trio played smooth, calm jazz that was both accessible and pleasant to an audience of both beginners and experts in music.

Though the set was more informally presented, the audience still took the time to acknowledge the group through applause and the occasional whoop or call. The Amos Egleston Trio, though well unified already, has many more years to refine their ensemble in their time at Lawrence. It would not be surprising to see them take the stage again soon.