Soccer season ends with games against Beloit

Both the Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams traveled to Beloit to play their last games on Saturday. Both teams finished the season with solid last games.

The men, whose standing is 6-10-1 and 2-6-1 overall for their Midwest Conference came into the game with good perseverance. They lost by one goal, made in the second half by Beloit’s Martin Garrett-Curie. That was the only point they allowed Beloit to make. They fought every other point attempted by Beloit and also got close to some good goals themselves, never giving up throughout the entire game. Beloit had 10 saves by Jere Bauer, and the Vikings had a 16-11 edge in shots for the game overall. Also, senior Joe Krivit stopped five shots for the Vikings before the end of the game. The men’s team finished on a good note—they may have lost but they fought hard and only let Beloit get one point on them.

The women’s team, with a standing of 1-14-1 and 0-8-1, also played very hard in this game with a double overtime tie. Junior Ryan Berkley had a pair of goals, and Beloit came back with two goals late in the second half to force overtime. Berkley had scored early in the second half to make it 2-0, until Beloit came back at the end and the game then finished 2-2. Beloit’s Tegan Rock had 11 saves. Junior Kori Looker had 7 saves, and the Vikings had a 19-15 edge in shots. Our team played very well, starting out with the lead 2-0 and then only letting Beloit score enough to tie us. Next year is sure to be another solid year for these women!

Make sure to check back in when soccer season starts up again, but both teams can be happy knowing they ended their seasons on a good note.