Vikings of the Week: Paige Witter (Swimming)

Photo by Emei Thompson

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with swimming standout and senior captain Paige Witter. Witter was recently named Midwest Conference Swimmer of the Week. She was among the top finishers at the All-Wisconsin Showcase. Witter grabbed 10th place in the 200-yard butterfly, took 19th in the 100-yard butterfly, and she was part of the 8th place 200-yard medley relay team. She looks forward to her final season as a Lawrence Swimmer.

Arianna Cohen: As a freshman, what goals did you have coming into your collegiate career?

Paige Witter: As a freshman, I was just excited to be a part of a collegiate team and to try a new training type. I wanted to get faster and, if possible, break a college record.

AC: How do you keep yourself focused before you get into the pool? Do you have any pre-meet rituals?

PW: I don’t have many pre-meet rituals, beyond trying to eat the same kind of breakfast every time. I try to focus on what my goals for the meet are, and how they will help me get to my season-end goal times.

AC: Is there anything you do in your spare time that you think helps with your performance?

PW: I try to get enough sleep and stay healthy, sometimes it works better than other times!

AC: What has been your favorite memory thus far in your swimming career at Lawrence?

PW: My favorite memories are definitely made during winter training. The swim team is one of the few groups on campus during December, and it really gives us a chance to focus on swimming without other school concerns. Plus, at the end of the two weeks in Wisconsin’s winter, we go to Florida!

AC: What do you feel like you contribute most to your team?
PW: I try to lead by example by staying positive during hard sets and long training days, and by cheering on and supporting all my teammates.

AC: Where do you see your team going this season?

PW: I’m really excited to see what we can accomplish this season. We have a lot of new freshmen, and many returning swimmers who have already been improving throughout this season. The women’s team wants to get second at our Conference meet in February, and I think we have a really good shot at accomplishing that goal.