ViBE performs rock n’ roll-themed program

ViBE performs in Harper Hall.
Photo by Hikari Mine

The Viking Bassoon Ensemble (ViBE) filled Harper Hall with the sounds of “Rock n’ Roll” at 8 p.m. this past Sunday, Nov. 6. Directed by Instructor of Bassoon Carl Rath, the ensemble includes freshman Emilia Jackson, sophmores Stuart Young and Phillip Knisley, seniors Alaina Leisten and Renae Tuschner and supersenior Jacob Fernandez. The concert also featured Rath’s former students Susan McCardell and Shawn Seguine. This particular concert carried on the ViBE tradition of honoring anniversaries of great works and great artists.

Celebrations included the 50th anniversary of “Good Vibrations” by Brian Wilson, sung by the Beach Boys; the life of David Bowie with “Ziggy (A Tribute to David Bowie);” the 1966 release of an album by Brian Wilson with “PET SOUNDS Medley!” and the conception of the album “REVOLVER!” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. All songs performed by ViBE were arranged by Rath.

Before each song, Rath shared background information on each piece, their historical significance and his reasoning for including it on the program. In addition, he thanked two former students for performing in the concert with his current undergraduate students who are regular members of ViBE. In addition to playing the bassoon, several members of the group shared their singing voices and tambourine skills.

Through an unconventional instrumentation, Rath’s direction of ViBE provided Lawrentians with exposure and access to this unusual grouping of instruments as well as the new conceptions of music they performed. In addition to providing an evening of pleasing sounds, ViBE showed the audience just how versatile their instrument of choice can be.