Seniority Report: The Times They Are A-Changin’

In a valiant effort to pretend that the crushing weight of homework and the heavy load of exams aren’t causing us to self-destruct, take a moment to remember what greets us at their end: winter break. While winter generally shines with less light, not more, it is nevertheless an opportunity for six weeks of intermission, 42 days of a change of pace, 1,000 hours of intermittent freedom.

There are a wide variety of answers to students’ reveal of their winter break plans. Some will stay on campus for class, work or sport. Others are merely a car ride or flight away from home and from time with those they have not seen for some time. Still others are seizing the opportunity that opportunity has allowed, such as participating in an internship or traveling at their whimsy. It’s easy to feel that, even on break, everyone has got it figured out.

Yet in this collecting of memories or earning of money, we cannot forget to emphasize resting of mind. It isn’t often that life hands you an all-access pass to stop what you’re doing, vacate the premises, and do something/be somewhere/see someone outside of your new ordinary for an entire month, even if it’s not what you had in mind.

Reflection is good. Swimming up to the surface for air before twenty weeks of nearly incessant school is really important. It’s a chance to think about whether or not the extracurricular activities we participate in are good for us or if we need to make a change; if the major we declared on paper is really what we want in principle; if the job/city/idea we are running after is still within our grasp. Take this time, do some thinking and come back with more to see ahead than behind.