Vikings of the Week: Daniella Millin (Swimming)

Photo by Emei Thompson

This week, I chatted with senior swimming standout Danielle Millin. Danielle has made great strides since her freshman year, including breaking a record in her sophomore season. Danielle is looking forward to the bittersweet end of a wonderful swimming career.


Arianna Cohen: How does it feel to be in your final season as a Viking?


Danielle Millin: It’s definitely bittersweet. I think I am more motivated than ever to achieve my goals before it comes to an end, but I am also trying to enjoy myself and make as many memories as possible.


AC: Congratulations on being awarded a Midwest Conference honor this past December. What are some things that you believe contribute to your success?


DM: The support of my teammates has always been a big factor. I’ve always been surrounded by really great role models who have pushed and inspired me to achieve my very best. I’ve also always had a passion for the sport that has only gotten stronger throughout my college career.


AC: What are some personal as well as team goals you have for the rest of the season?


DM: Personally, I would like to finish this season with personal best times. As a team, I would like to see our record board get a few updates, particularly our 200-Yard Freestyle Relay. It would also be great if we could earn conference runner-up at championships this year.


AC: Looking back on your four years, could you name one moment that really stood out to you on the swim team?


DM: The highlight of my career so far would be breaking the 400-Yard Individual Medley record my sophomore year. I remember the whole team yelling at the end of my lane and cheering for me at the finish. The whole meet that year was really exciting with so many incredible swims by the whole team.


AC: If there is one thing you could say to any incoming freshman about succeeding on the swim team what would it be?


DM: I would let them know that you get out what you put in. The support you show to your teammates will always be reciprocated, and all the hard work in the water during the year will pay off in the end.