“Always Sunny In Philadelphia” Life Lessons

As I’m sure many of you know, the newest season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” was recently added to Netflix.

I would trek through the coldest of evenings or the slipperiest of sleet storms with a smile on my face, knowing that when I returned back to my dwelling I would be greeted by my dear friends at Patty’s Pub. Their hijinks made my procrastinating seem less irresponsible (I wasn’t drowning in Christian cruise ship jail, after all…how bad could it be?) Alas, all good things come to an end. After finishing the season in less than three days, I have had time to reflect. Without further ado, here are some of the important life lessons I have learned from watching “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.

It’s cool to be friends with your siblings and your dad. Although they may hate each other most of the time, Dee and Dennis Reynolds do everything together, from running a bar to breaking into houses or even getting addicted to crack. They spend most of their time with their dad, too. Frank is just as part of the group as anybody else. Not only do these three create chaos, they create chaos as a family.

Toe Knives are dangerous, yet effective. An invention of the infamous Frank Reynolds, the “Toe Knife” is a tool for digging out even the most stubborn of toe fungi. Are your toenails too thick for your average nail clipper? Toe Knife is the answer.

Playing games as adults is acceptable as long as you’re competitive. No one can forget the intense experience that is “CharDee MacDennis”. This game includes, but is not limited to, pain, humiliation, main-lining wine and fire. It’s nice to see adults enjoying a little pleasant, fun gameplay with friends and family from time to time.

There is nothing wrong with two straight men sharing a bed every night. When Frank and Charlie found each other, it was clear to see that the roommates were meant to be. Together they eat cat food, play nightcrawlers and always make each other smile. Their platonic love is truly one for the ages.

Plans will fail. That’s fine. Try again another day. The Gang, as they’re known, have a new crazy plan every day. Why can’t I? Why can’t we all? Dennis, Dee, Mac, Frank and Charlie fail to reach their goals almost every day, yet always try something else in the morning. I think it’s so important to learn that once you don’t succeed, you should give up and forget it ever happened!

If cats keep you up, eat cat food. Although I cannot vouch for this method myself, both Charlie and Frank would rest their reputations on it.

Never underestimate a mentally unstable retired wrestler’s ability to thrive in a pyramid scheme. If Da’ Maniac has taught us anything, it’s to buy into any pyramid scheme company wholeheartedly.

Rum Ham. The biggest life lesson I have gotten from this show is the incredible value of a ham soaked in rum and covered in pineapple slices. It’s appearances throughout the series have given me hope that I, too, might enjoy a rum ham someday and rejoice in its magical properties. Thank you, Frank Reynolds.