Spurgin pens Best-Selling Paperback Romance during Hiatus – jbs

J.B. Sivanich

Many students think they know Tim Spurgin, professor, adventurer, entrepreneur and philanthropist but there is much the public does not know about the man called Spurgin. For this past year Spurgin has been spending much of his time working on a paperback romance novel, that has finally been released to the public. The title of the novel is Heir to Intimacy and has quickly climbed atop the New York Times list of Best-Selling paperbacks.
Detailing the plot in an exclusive interview with talk show host Oprah, Spurgin said, “The story centers around Muhammed Rashid, an Arabian Prince. Rashid is about to ascend the throne of his Desert Kingdom and with it his life will change forever. Rashid will be conflicted between leading his kingdom in a time of war and enjoying the many privileges that come with his position of power. Will Rashid give in to the temptations of the virgins that adorn his palace, will he find one flame that will eternally gird his loins, and what is all this talk of assassination?” The book has been described by critics as an erotic Arabian nights, a cross between Aladdin and Debby does Dallas.
In addition to all of the popularity the book has amassed among the public it has also been met with much critical praise from the literary world. The New York Times in its Sunday Book Review stated that the novel is “Explosive, draining the reader of every possible emotion. There has not been a book of such force in the English language since Moby Dick!” The Los Angeles Times said, “Heir to Intimacy is a modern classic to be included among the cannon of highbrow erotica for years to come!”
The popularity of the book has been such as to spark talk of a possible sequel. “I thoroughly enjoyed working with the character of Muhammed Rashid but I would like to try my hand at something a little different. I have always had a strong interest in sea nymphs” Spurgin was quoted as saying. Rumors have also been swirling of a big-budget Hollywood movie adaption. The list of possible actors to play Rashid reads as a who’s whos of Hollywood A-listers, among the names Jake Gyllenhal, Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, Zach Efron, and Antonio Banderas.
With the critical acclaim and financial success Spurgin has garnered with his debut novel everyone at Lawrence University is wondering what will be his next move? Rumors have swirled that Spurgin will be teaching two new classes next year entitled Intro to Romance: From Jane Eyre to Nora Roberts and Advanced Creative Writing: Bedroom Scenes.
Other talk has surfaced of a possible early retirement. “There is only so much Lawrence can offer me at this point. My unique artistic angle has been suppressed for years at Lawrence and I think it may finally be time to break free once and for all” Spurgin stated from his brand new poolside bar outside his fabulous new California Beach home. No matter what decision Spurgin makes, it is clear that his presence will be felt for years to come. Heir to Intimacy may be just the tip of the cavernous creative mind of a modern literary heavyweight.