Vikings of the Week: Blake Roubos (Hockey)

Photo courtesy of Blake Roubos0

This week I talked to junior Blake Roubos. Roubos is the leading scorer for the men’s hockey team. Last week he helped lead the team to a 2-2 tie and the following day a 5-3 win over Aurora University. Roubos has seven goals and six assists on the year.


Shane Farrell: You lead the team in goals this season, to what can you attribute your success?


Blake Roubos: I attribute my success with scoring goals to shooting a lot and shooting accurate[ly]. I have also been lucky to have great line mates who have a great sense for the game of hockey. I missed the entire last season due to a torn ACL. After having surgery and taking time away from hockey it has reignited my love for the game. I also like to have fun when I am not at the rink.


SF: What is it like balancing the immense time commitment for hockey and being a student at Lawrence?


BR: It isn’t bad at all in my opinion. I am an economics major but probably spend as much time working on my business [as] on both hockey and academics combined.


SF: What’s the morale of the team heading into the last half of the season?


BR: The morale of the team is to stay committed to each other, work as hard as we can, never get to high or too low and play your role on the team to the best of your abilities.


SF: You are from Niagara Falls, Ontario: why Lawrence?


BR: Lawrence gave me the opportunity to attain a great education while continuing my hockey career. I didn’t visit the school before coming, but was able to adjust to the campus very quickly. I also figured the Lawrence hockey team could use more Canadians.


SF: How will you train for hockey in the off-season?


BR: In the off-season I like to keep it light, mix in a little bit of cardio, and focus my energy on things away from hockey. We train and work so hard in weeks prior to the season and throughout the season that it can weigh you down. I like to allow myself to miss hockey before returning for the season.