Vikings of the Week: Pete Winslow (Basketball)

Photo courtesy of Paul Wilke


Today I got to talk with senior Pete Winslow. Winslow, a captain for the men’s basketball team has helped the team cruise to a 5-1 record in January and 7-7 on the season. During this stretch, Winslow was named Midwest Conference player of the week – his first time in his career—for shooting 76.9% behind the arch.



Shane Farrell: In the month of January, the basketball team is 4-1. What can you attribute to that success?


Pete Winslow: We’ve been staying focused and take our schedule one game at a time. I think in January our offense has shown signs of improvement; our defense and grit have also kept us in tense conference match-ups this year. We are currently sitting well in the conference standing, but must continue to execute our strategy and play within ourselves.


SF: There are three seniors on the team and you are one of them. Do you feels you are in a leadership role helping the younger athletes?


PW: As captain I am in a leadership position. I enjoy being a leader for this team because I care about my younger teammates in terms of their personal/athletic development and wellbeing. Since I am one of three who have the most experience on team, it’s my duty to watch over and make sure my boys have fun and compete.


SF: You shot 76.9%, going 10-13 behind the arc against Cornell and Illinois. What clicked for you in those games?


PW: Some days you’re just hot. My teammates gave me the opportunities to put the ball in the hoop. By having effective off-ball motion and good screening, collectively we were able to get some great looks at the rim.

SF: Are do you feel after being award Midwest Conference Player of the Week?


PW: I am surely grateful for being recognized but I don’t feel much different. There is a lot more we need to accomplish this season.


SF: What are your team goals for the season?


PW: Make it into the conference tournament and cause trouble.