Kwik Trip: The [Place], The Myth, The Legend

Kwik Trip is anything but your average gas station. Described to me as “an oasis of litness at 3 a.m.,” “always there for me when no one else is,” “like a mini Paris on the desert that is Appleton and the sometimes suffocating bubble of Lawrence,” and, simply, “lit,” this place truly is a destination worthy of praise. Why, you may ask, are so many people this extremely “amped” and “jacked” about Kwik Trip? Take my proverbial hand, friend, and let me reveal its splendor to you.

But first, a little history. Kwik Trip was founded in 1965 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. According to their website, they now have over 500 locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, but, like Woodman’s, they are still family owned. To put it in their own, grammatically obnoxious words, “We are a growing company and leader in our industry by giving our loyal customers quality products and outstanding, friendly service, at a fair, low price”. Not only does Kwik Trip function as a decent gas station, but also is a mini grocery store, bakery, deli, and café all rolled up into one clean and fabulous location. “At Kwik Trip™, count on fresh food and a refreshing, friendly attitude all day, every day,” the website touts, “For everyday essentials, a quick bite or a family-pleasing meal to pick up and take home, you’ll find it all here.”

My first time taking a pilgrimage to Kwik Trip was in the middle of a snow/rain/sleet storm. I was grumpy, freezing, and altogether disgruntled by the time I made it there. I slipped in the parking lot, got nasty slush in my boot, and stumbled angrily towards the entrance. However, with the magical swishing sound of the automatic doors came a sense of peace that washed over me. As I wandered the aisles for the first time, I finally understood what the hype was all about. As my friends has repeatedly told me before, Kwik Trip truly was “lit AF.”

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying a fellow Lawrentian to Kwik Trip for his first time. He, like I used to be, was very dubious that this humble gas station could truly be so great. Nevertheless, as I stood back and watched him look around the store with growing excitement, I knew that he, too, would never be the same. “I’ve never felt this way about a gas station before,” he later told me. With one quick trip down College Ave., he became a Kwik Trip fan-boy.

You, too, can easily join the entourage that is the Kwik Trip Fan Club (KTFC). According to Google Maps, the closest location is only 1.4 miles away from Warch (just take a right at the Walgreens up College—the sign is impossible to miss). “I think that even though it is, like, a 15 minute walk, it’s a really pleasant stroll that allows you, in a way, to meditate the negativity out of your life,” one such enthusiast told me. The grandeur of this place is difficult to describe, so my final plea is that you must experience it yourself—there is no substitute. So, the next time you’re hungry: Kwik Trip (their donuts, mac and cheese, burgers, or just about anything else are fabulous). If you need to grocery shop: Kwik Trip. (They have everything from pickle bites and alcohol to cleaning supplies and medication). If you’re simply just bored: go to the mall. Just kidding. Go to Kwik Trip. If you have any doubts still, even a mild hesitation, simply remember the website’s mantra: “Everyone matters at Kwik Trip™.”