Beyoncé: I’m Disappointed

In case you were out of the country for the past week – and even then, you would have heard – Beyoncé has announced she is pregnant with twins. Bey, weren’t you about to leave Jay-Z’s sorry ass? Last year, women across the nation bonded over Beyoncé’s debut of her visual album, “Lemonade”. The album featured the Queen Bee in full feminist force, smashing car windows in a couture dress, speaking out against her cheating husband, and calling out police brutality against people of color.

There has been little news about Beyoncé’s marriage since her album dropped. For a while, we were all waiting to see if she would leave Jay-Z.

When she stayed by his side, fans had mixed reactions. Some were glad to see the two of them seemed to have patched things up. Others were disappointed that Bey stuck with a cheater. Who in their right mind would cheat on Beyonce? Either way, the marriage still seemed up in the air, and twins were not on anyone’s radar.

One theory floating around the Internet claims that Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” had nothing to do with Jay-Z at all.

Although the album seems to reflect the rocky times in the Carter’s marriage, some sleuths believe the album was actually a comment on the patriarchy.

In this interpretation, Beyoncé is standing up against the power structures in America that are holding back her and other women of color.

It is undeniable that Beyoncé attacked systematic oppression in “Lemonade,” most notably in “Formation,” but this theory believes that Jay-Z never cheated at all. Rather, the patriarchy is who cheated Beyoncé.

Other budding conspiracy theorists believe the whole conflict between Jay-Z and Beyonce was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The more drama surrounding the Carter’s marriage, the more money the press will pay for exclusive interviews.

Regardless of what “Lemonade” was truly about, Beyonce’s pregnancy seems like a step backwards from her previously strong approach against Jay-Z.

Of course every woman has the right to her own reproductive system. It is ultimately Beyoncé’s choice to have children now, later, or never. But personally, I’m disappointed to see Beyoncé pregnant with Jay-Z’s child.

Lemonade was an exciting album for women and young girls across the nation. Beyoncé was standing up to her husband, a powerful man in his own right.

Her songs were full of powerful feminist mantras and her videos were tragically beautiful. I, for one, was ready for her to ditch Jay-Z.

With the national climate not particularly favorable towards women – I’m looking directly at you, Trump – it would have been a strong and decisive move for Beyoncé to leave Jay-Z. He would have deserved it, for cheating on her and disrespecting her. Nobody should be treated that way. Bey’s baby bump dashes all hopes of her leaving him in the dust; the pregnancy is a sign that the couple has reconciled things.

While this might be good news for the two of them, I am worried about the impact that this famous marriage will have on women across the nation.

Women stuck in abusive or disrespectful relationships need a strong role model; more importantly, a strong role model that the media supports. It was disgraceful how the media portrayed Amber Heard after she admitted to being physically abused by Johnny Depp. She was accused of lying, of faking the whole thing and of framing Depp for his money.

When American women are unable to see a woman leave her abusive husband and still have a positive reputation, it must make it so much more difficult for them to find the strength to leave their abusive relationships.

I had hoped Beyoncé would appropriately model how to leave an abusive partner, but her pregnancy looks more like a passive resolution than a strong statement.