SCENE, Train. LORRINE stands in the corner with another woman in her mid-20s.


LORRINE: I hear some people build houses on the edge of mountains.

ETTA: It’s not something I’d recommend, but it is one way to live.

LORRINE: Living is all about staying true to yourself, anyway.

ETTA: Right on!

LORRINE: Whispering. What about him? Gestures to man sitting diagonally from them.

ETTA: Ew, look at his shoes. He would be a meager payout at best.

LORRINE: Fine. Keep looking then. But I have to be home in an hour.

ETTA: Oh, don’t whine. We’ll find someone. She ducks her head.

LORRINE: What? What?!

ETTA: Angling her head. That one.

The man she’s indicating has just entered the train. He’s wearing a tailored suit with a Rolex watch peeking from beneath the left sleeve.

LORRINE: Wrinkling her nose. You can have it, he’s not my type.

ETTA: Smiling. I know.

She takes a deep breath, saunters to the man and sits next to him.

LORRINE: Muttering. There she goes.

LORRINE watches as they make small talk. After five minutes, ETTA catches LORRINE’S eye.

LORRINE: My time to shine.

The man gets up, ETTA rising with him. As the train slows for the stop, LORRINE walks toward them. The stop is harsh, and LORRINE uses the force the propel herself into the man.

LORRINE: Oh, gosh! I am so sorry.

THE MAN: Annoyed. Yeah, it’s fine.

ETTA: These old trains, huh?

THE MAN: Smiles. Yeah. So I’ll see you Wednesday?

ETTA: Of course, darling.


LORRINE: Rolling her eyes. Show me what we’ve got.

ETTA huffs and pulls a leather wallet from her pocket. She frowns as she opens it.

ETTA: You have got to be kidding me.

LORRINE: What is it? All cards and no cash?

ETTA turns the wallet around. It is empty except for a note.


How stupid do you think I am?

Have a nice day (:


LORRINE: People are getting smarter, I guess.

ETTA: Stomping her right foot. It’s not fair.

LORRINE: Scoffs. Look who’s whining now.

Defeated, they both sit quietly for the rest of the train ride.