LU pride game supports You Can Play

This past weekend, the Lawrence University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) sponsored the LU Pride Game, where proceeds from the game went to the You Can Play Project. The LU Pride Game was when Lawrence’s Men and Women’s Basketball teams played against Monmouth College.

You Can Play is a project that works with those of the LGBTQ community to ensure that they are in a safe space and they are included in all sports opportunities offered to them while being respected and treated fairly regardless of how they identify. This goes for everyone in the community, including athletes, coaches and fans. The project is working to go against the culture of locker rooms as well as the spectators by focusing on every athlete’s or coach’s skills, work ethic and competitive nature.

With a large crowd attending the games in support for the You Can Play Project and the Vikings, both teams played hard. The Lady Vikes, 2-19 overall and 0-16 in the Midwest Conference (MWC), struggled against Monmouth, 3-18 over and 3-13 in the MWC, and lost with a score of 72-39. The men’s team, 9-11 overall and 10-6 in the MWC, was able to pull a win from Monmouth, 6-15 overall and 6-10 in the MWC, with a close score of 68-65.

With valiant efforts, the games were played with vigor and a substantial amount of effort. The LU Pride game supported both teams as well as the You Can Play Project.