Bon App Hacks, Spice Up Your Life

Bon Appetit: love it, hate it, avoid it, accept it and everywhere in-between, it is part of the daily life of almost all Lawrentians. However, with it being ninth week at the end of Winter Term, it is probably no surprise that the food in the café and commons may be starting to bore us. In order to combat this, I have asked some of my friends to give me some of their favorite tips and tricks that make their Bon App experiences more interesting. Enjoy!

-The “Café Special Sauce”. This consists of half honey mustard, half barbecue, and just a touch of Sriracha to taste. This goes really well with chicken tenders, French fries, tater tots and basically anything else fried.

-Although this seems pretty obvious, I was surprised to find how few people make themselves quesadillas in the Commons. Simply grab yourself a tortilla either from the sandwich bar area or wherever else they may have them, get cheese (and chicken, if you’d like) from the salad bar and make your way over to the Panini press to finish it off.

-If you are a big of a fan of Taco Tuesday as I am, you’ll know that sometimes the tacos are egregiously messy and quite liable to fall apart all over you. By putting your taco in the Panini press for just a couple seconds not only do things melt together, but they stay together better, too!

-If you’re craving something sweet and the desserts in the Commons aren’t doing it for you, fear not. Grab a brownie from the gluten free fridge, heat it up in the microwave a bit, put some ice cream on top of it, add fudge sauce, sprinkles, and/or whipped cream (optional) and have at it!

-Never be afraid to mix two different Italian sodas from the café. Rumor has it that pomegranate-mango is the best.

-If you’re missing the mac n’ cheese sandwich the café had a while ago, don’t fret. Wait until the commons is serving mac n’ cheese, and then Panini press yourself the perfect sandwich.

-If you’re craving avocados and have some extra culinary cash, stop by the corner store and buy some before you get to the commons. That way, you can put it on your sandwich, taco, eggs or whatever you happen to be eating that day. If you’re out of swipes, simply ask for the avocado spread in the café. I’ve been told the Asiago bagel with pepper jack cheese and the avocado spread is wonderful.

-One of my personal creations that I make all the time is dipping sauce for my bread in the Commons. I put olive oil and a touch of balsamic from the salad bar into a bowl and find the Italian herb shaker (either by the pasta, salads or pizzas) and sprinkle tons of it into the mixture. Finish it off with salt and pepper and you’re good to go. This can be used in sandwiches, too!

-Lastly, if you’re a big lemonade fan but the stuff from the fountains isn’t satisfying you, it’s time to get creative in the café. Squeeze a bunch of lemons into a cup, pour some hot water in, add some honey and fill the rest of it up with cold water. Perfectly refreshing.