Letter to the Editor

Valerie Carlow

As a Canadian, I was somewhat disappointed as I read Erik Wyse’s interpretation of Canada and Canadians. Living half my life in Canada, and half in the U.S., I think I have a pretty good understanding of the two cultures. I wonder: Has Erik ever been to Canada? Does he even know the names of the provinces, the Prime Minister – or what a prime minister does? – or the capital city? He couldn’t even spell Celine Dion’s name right.
I look forward to my summers in Canada, where I share time with family and friends. I guarantee you that we don’t spend our time “bashing” our southern neighbors – spelled neighbours in Canada, in case you didn’t know. I don’t bowl, don’t even know a lumberjack, I’m quite proud of being clean and it’s Tim Horton’s coffee that’s the favorite – a billion-dollar industry, by the way.
And last night as I watched the U.S. women’s hockey team receive their silver medals after losing gold to Canada, it was the Canadian fans who gave them a standing ovation.
I challenge you, Erik, to take a visit to Canada sometime, or if that’s not possible, stop by my office and I’ll educate you on what it means to be a Canadian.
I’m proud of it, and YES, I AM CURLER!Valerie Carlow
Main Hall Secretary