Ultimate Frisbee soaks up some sun at Myrtle Beach

Over spring break, the Lawrence University Ultimate Frisbee team made its annual pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The team competed in the High Tide Ultimate spring break tournament, and spent time training and bonding as a team. In the tournament, the Vikings faced teams from all over the country, including teams from Princeton, UW- Milwaukee, Carleton, Colby, Grinnell and Kalamazoo.

The men’s team had a strong tournament showing, placing second in the “B” Bracket. On the first day of the tournament, the Vikings won all three of their games, taking down Osibisa with a score of 13-2, Beating Union 12-9, and topping UW- Milwaukee 13-1. On the second day of competition, the team again beat Osibisa 12-7, and edged out Carelton 9-8, but fell to St. Thomas 4-7. Senior Joe Krivit, reports that the team is pleased with its performance in the tournament, and hopes to carry the success forwards into sectionals in the next few weeks.

The women’s team struggled was less successful overall, but still put up a strong showing. On day one of the tournament, the women fell to Princeton’s A team 3-13, to Towson 3-13 and to SIW 6-11. Despite a rough start to the tournament, the women came back to day two, securing a 13-1 victory against Princeton’s B team. The Vikings also played Hartford and Kalamazoo, losing with scores of 0-13 and 1-13 respectively.

On the field, the team was all business. Off the field, the team found time to bond, relax, and have fun on the beach. Krivit said that over the week-long trip, the team had ample time to get “very intimate with each other,” an important part of any sport. In terms of practice, the team’s schedule was mysterious. Krivit mentioned that the team “practiced a lot before the trip,” but in Myrtle Beach only played “some frisbee on the beach.” This lackadaisical approach allowed for some much needed relaxation for a team that has been practicing hard through the winter.

With the spring break trip over, the team is looking forwards to the rest of the season. The team will appear in the sectionals tournament at the end of next week. If the team is successful there, the season will be extended. If not, the 2017 season will end. Needless to say, the Vikings are working hard to bring their best.