Window Scene :”Magic Shop”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination.

SETTING: Lightly decorated store. The walls are exposed brick, the windows are close to the ceiling and the shelves are made of wood. LORRAINE is hanging a curtain at the register, JEFFREY is counting crystal balls.

LORRAINE: Whispering Stay cool, you got this.

JEFFREY: Annoyed I know, Lorraine. You don’t have to keep reminding me.

LORRAINE: Fine! See if I have your back in the future. She walks behind the curtain

JEFFREY: Rolls his eyes Lor-

The doorbell rings.

JEFFREY: Hello, and welcome to Tom and Nell’s Magical Shop of Wonders!

AMY: Hi…

JEFFREY: Are you looking for anything in particular?

AMY: Not for me. Becca wanted to check you guys out.

BECCA: We’re just going to browse, if that’s fine.

JEFFREY: Alright. I’ll be at the register if you need anything!

BECCA: Okay.

AMY: Whatever.

JEFFREY goes behind the register as the girls browse the store.

BECCA: Do you guys have smaller crystals? Like, ones that could go on a necklace?

JEFFREY: Try the shelf against the wall.

BECCA: Thanks.

JEFFREY: Muttering Are you ready?

LORRAINE swats at him through the curtain.

JEFFREY: Still muttering Okay, okay!

AMY: Um, sir?


AMY: What is that?

She indicates a growing dark stain on the curtain. JEFFREY turns toward the curtain, but pretends not to notice.

JEFFREY: What is what, dear?

BECCA: Gushing Amy, look at how-

AMY grabs her arm tightly.

AMY: Becca, look!

Both girls are now looking at the curtain in horror. JEFFREY goes rigid and fixes a blank stare at the wall. His mouth opens.

LORRAINE: Good afternoon, children of the sun. My immortal debt remains undone. Over years and catastrophe, there remains only one. Still, my nightmare has only just begun!

The shelves shake, many items fall off and break. The girls scream. BECCA: Here, just take this! Amy, let’s get out of here!

She throws $20 on the counter and runs out the door with AMY close behind her. The shelves stop shaking. JEFFREY relaxes and takes a deep breath.

LORRAINE: I told you to keep your cool, Jeff-boy.

JEFFREY: Oh, don’t start…