What’s On Your iPod: Ian Terry ’14 jj ehh

Ian Terry

1.Nickelback, “Something in your Mouth”

These guys are one of the few bands that really understands our generation. The lyrics to this song really speak to me on an emotional level. I think that everyone could get something meaningful out of this song if they really just sat down and listened to it with no distractions.

2. U2, “Get On Your Boots”

I really like the direction that U2 took on this song. The riff that the Edge plays just gets me so pumped up. It has a different sound compared to most of U2’s material but I almost prefer this to Vertigo.

3. Yellowcard, “Only One”

The punk-pop fusion that is Yellowcard just cannot get more epic than this song. The electric violin adds a great timbre to the overall sound.

4. Klaus Nomi, “Total Eclipse”

If you haven’t heard of Klaus Nomi, you should totally check him out. I’d say he’s the best singer ever, hands down.

5. Breaking Benjamin, “So Cold”

This song got me through a lot of hard times back in 7th grade, depressing but beautifully composed. Ben’s vocals never cease to send chills down my spine.

6. T.I., “Whatever You Like”

 This song showed me that I could have whatever I wanted. A good life lesson.

7. Attack Attack!, “Stick Stickly”

 This groundbreaking fusion of emo-metal and techno perfectly blends into a phenomenal four minutes of synthed-out screaming. I’d check it out if you have yet to discover this band.

8. Simple Plan, “Untitled”

This emotional ballad shows Simple Plan at the best of their songwriting talents. And Simple Plan at their worst is already better than everyone else. So that’s saying a lot.

9. Seether feat. Amy Lee, “Broken”

It’s nice to see the soft side of Seether combined with the tortured vocal performance of Amy Lee. It really brings a haunting feeling that always shivers my timbers.

10. brokeNCYDE, “Freaxxx”

 I can’t even joke about this one. This song is horrible.